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What is a QR Code?

Quick Response Code also known as QR Code, which is a very popular encoding method on mobile devices in recent years. It can store more information and represent more data types than traditional bar code.

QR code was first invented by a Japanese company and first widely used in Japan. At that time, in order to solve the problem of too little information stored in the traditional one-dimensional barcode, many Japanese enterprises began to study two-dimensional barcode. One company, DensoWave, pioneered the two-dimensional code graph with four corner positioning, which is the prototype of the two-dimensional code now used.

How Many Information Can be Stored in a QR Code?

In order to be recognized correctly, a QR code must main certain level of error correction. With minimum error correction level and maximum size (177 x 177 pixels), a QR Code can store around 4300 english characters or 7000 numeric only characters.

How to Scan a QR Code?

Up to now, almost all mobile phones and tablets have built-in QR code scanning feature.

If you are an iOS user, you can open the camera app and select the rear facing camera. Hold your device to the QR code you want to scan, then the QR code will be recognized and shows a notification.

If you are an Android user, you can use the built-in camera to scan QR code if your system is above Android 9, otherwise, a QR code scanner app is required.